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 How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself As A Leader or A Manager In Less Than 30 Days?
The horrible truth is 
  Only 13% Of The People Worldwide Actually Like Going To Work, 
     This Means The 87% Majority Of People Is Not Happy With Their Job!
  Employees do not leave a company because of the job itself.
     The #1 Reason: their manager. #2 Reason: Bad Company Culture.
The lack of employee engagement is a worldwide Billion Dollar Problem in lost productivity and employee turnover. Studies have shown that one of the main drivers of an employee’s engagement or the complete lack of engagement in an organization is their manager.

A lot of managers who are struggling with a low or disengaged team actually lack the confidence to effectively lead their team members, simply because some vital people management skills were never mastered. 

Well, if this is you, it’s not your fault. 
You are a pro in your field of expertise, but people management lacks behind, reasons being: 
  • ​It has never been a priority
  • ​You have never been taught these skills
  • ​You have never been coached yourself
  • ​No one of your peers is setting the example
  • ​All of the above
And it gets even worse
  Not only Big amounts of money are leaking away, but also Big amounts
      of money are left on the table. Loyal customers are complaining more 
      and more. Reputation is going down the drain And eventually the
      entire business will fall apart. 
Like so many others you are longing so hard for a stress-free relationship with your team and for more self-confidence, but it just not seems to happen. It feels like things only get worse and they actually do get worse. 

There’s only so much you can work on in a day, how on earth can you enable yourself to win the race against time? And how to stop the huge amounts of money, time, resources and growth potential leaking away?

And where to find the hands-on knowledge to help you to the next level, not just some guru theories? How long does it take to get your hands on something that really works? 

Yes, I know all the dilemma’s, all the doubts, all the questions I asked myself too. 
Just like you I never had the role model leaders I was looking for either. 

My first serious job was for a big corporate copier company. 
Nobody coached me how to become a better manager and certainly not how to become a leader. 

Nobody told me anything, everybody was too busy. 
Or pretending to be busy.  Or my superiors considered this part of their responsibility not to be important enough. 

How wrong they were. It turned out that 99% of all people in leading positions I met (president, executives, senior management and middle management) were there only for themselves and not for taking care of their team(s).
now it's time for the solution
  Respect and Trust form the true foundation in any Profession, Role, 
      company, or team. It is universal.  
Maybe it was because I’m a curious guy, but now I was even more determined to learn all these skills myself. If not through a top coach or mentor it had to be done through… self-development, by trial and error. 

But always with respect for other people, bridging the gaps by building trust and certainly not by being intimidating. And it proved that I found the right formula. 
By using my self-developed approach I accomplished one of my first successes which, looking back, I still consider to be one of the more important ones.

At that time I did not realize this would be an important turning point in my early career. This short version of this real-life story cannot paint the whole picture of course. 

But as a rookie white-collar office guy in his early twenties, I was able to win the trust of my blue-collar colleagues in the warehouse, who were 10, 15, 20, even 30 years older.  

The management style I chose to use back then has made the difference between union members on strike at other companies, but nobody on strike in our company.  
 So, this way of managing the circumstances and of influencing people in a positive way has become my personal management style. I had the pleasure of leading many mixed teams.

All with many nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Over the years this management style has served me and the members of the many teams in a truly fantastic way. 
SOME achievement EXAMPLES
  Extraordinary Team Engagement Results: in 8 consecutive years 4 Of My Team Members Were Elected 'Employee Of The Year'. 4 Other Team Members Were Elected 'Runner-Up' Out Of A Total of 160 Employees.
  Acknowledged By HR As Well As By Staff From Other Divisions For Being The Most Appreciated Division And Boss In The European HQ To Work For.
  Acknowledged As the Most Trusted Leader And Go-To Top Manager By Internal Team Members As Well As External Colleagues.
Who am I?
raymoNd eCKSTEIN
Over the last 30 years I had the privilege to lead many different teams.

They were from multiple countries, social backgrounds, and cultures in several multi-national companies.
I want to share my information with as many top managers and (future) leaders I can reach.

This is what I wish for you: I strongly believe every leader/manager deserves a great team and that every team deserves a great leader/manager.

But most of all, I believe every organization deserves an united top leadership team!  
Imagine what life will be like when you no longer have to worry about your relationship with your team. How much difference would that peace of mind bring to your business life?

How much difference would that make for your private life?

And how much difference would that make for the lives of your team members and their families? This might well be the biggest benefit of all: EVERYONE WINS!
My offer to you is the Home Study Course "Great Leadership Made Easy".
In 30 short video's I will explain what the simple significant steps are to improve your leadership qualities instantly. I also reveal to you the 12 deadliest mistakes you should never make! Here are some of the topics you can expect:
  • Module: Role Models In Business
  • Module: Extravert vs. Introvert
  • Module: Skills Of A Leader
  • Module: Building Great Teams
  • Module: Be Present
  • Module: Develop A Vision
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- 3 Audio files about failure which isn't an option, commitment to excellence and  the top qualities. 

- Slides for a quick recap, reminder how to build your best version leadership style.
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With this check you can find out what kind of qualities you have in your team right now and every team member's perspective as well. 
What are the benefits for you?
  • ​Boost your SELF-CONFIDENCE in leading your team without feeling insecure or constant stress
  • ​Get a much more ENGAGED TEAM by increasing more TRUST
  • ​Become the REAL example as a trusted GO TO LEADER by walking the talk
  •  Create BREAKTHROUGHS for everyone and achieve the desired results/goals agreed upon
  • ​Be able to select your FUTURE TEAM MEMBERS who will COMPLEMENT each other perfectly
  • ​Have a TOP TEAM of WINNERS!
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To YOUR Success, Raymond Eckstein
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"The Leadership Identity Deck" containing  a broad collection of multiple very useful documents, audio files and slides with valuable tips, easy to digest and even more easy to apply in practice. This will give you a very good impression what I am talking about in the first place. Don't let this unique opportunity go by!
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